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The Anvil

Launched in 2017, Foundry Multisport is a Washington, DC based, premier, one-on-one coaching organization that works both locally and remotely (we even have a triathlete biking and running on a battleship somewhere in the Pacific.) We bring years of coaching and racing experience ready to take you to the next level.


We're the anvil, ready to shape you into the athlete you didn't know you could become.  You supply the raw material, we supply the heat.  Together we forge the body of iron.


The Coaches

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Rob Barlow

Owner, cOACH

USAT Level 1 Certified Coach with 11 years of racing and 9 years of coaching experience and multiple Ironman finishes.



USAT Level 1 Certified Coach with 7 years of racing and 4 years of coaching experience and multiple Ironman finishes.


The services

Customized Training Plans



No two athletes are the same. Why should your training plan be that way? We will build a custom training plan around your schedule and other life events. Click below to learn more.


Baseline and performance testing allows the athlete to understand how you are progressing against your goals. Click below to learn more.

Video Analysis


Improving swim, bike, and run form is one of the quickest paths to improvement. Using the latest video analysis software we will work with you to identify areas for improvement. Click below to learn more.

consulting services
  • Strategic race selection and goal setting

  • Monthly and weekly training schedules and segmentation

  • Recommendations on key workouts in preparation for primary race

  • Race dynamics such as pacing

  • Mental skills services

  • Training with power or heart rate zones

  • Gear options and vendor recommendations

  • Sport nutrition (advice based on coaches' experience, the experience of our athletes, and from research and certification courses on this topic)

  • $75 / hour


The success stories

When I first met Rob I had no endurance triathlon experience whatsoever. Within a year he coached me through 3 events – an Olympic distance where I placed first, a half IronMan where I came in the top 5%, and a sub 10 hour IronMan. The athlete has to do the work for sure, but it’s the coach the listens, plans, adapts, stretches, motivates, educates, trains and dedicates their time to you. That’s exactly what Rob did. He was there every stroke, crank turn and step of the journey, providing technical adjustments, nutritional guidance, and some very demanding workouts! If you want to succeed (whatever that looks like) make it a team event, and employ Rob as your coach."

"I started working with Steve after having only completed a few sprint distance races and just recently completed my first Ironman. Steve has always been great at understanding my current level of fitness, interpreting workout outputs and constantly adapting my training to help me maximize gains and see continuous improvement.  Foundry Coaches will get the most out of the athlete in you with their expertise and guidance."

"Ive never met a more passionate coach than Rob. He really cares and is invested in your development and success. His belief and support in my abilities has been both tremendous and rewarding. Having Rob as a coach and friend has made a difference in my life. I gained a greater understanding of myself and grew personally under his wing. Rob works with you to accomplish your goals and pushes you to the edge but not over. His approach allowed me to train smarter and his guidance gave me the confidence, so that on race day we both had put forth the best effort as a team. The transformation that I underwent in six months of having him as a coach was dramatic, from barely swimming to placing second in my division at my first half ironman. I cannot thank him enough."​


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